Your Employees Matter

Group leadership training session

Lacking Leadership?

Did you know that poor leadership is one of the top five reasons good employees leave?

If the leaders in your organization lack the skills necessary to motivate and coach your employees to success, Dreamwork can develop a training program that fits your specific needs. This can be achieved through one-on-one training or in a group setting. 

employee engagement and job satisfaction

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Have you noticed a higher employee turnover rate? If so, there are a plethora of potential causes. We're here to help you and your company determine why talented people are leaving and what you can do to get them to stay. 

Some turnover is normal and expected.  But if you're losing once engaged, productive employees with an exemplary performance history - something is wrong. 

Dreamwork can help by developing a Stay Interview program that is specific to your company and its needs.  Finding out why people stay and what would make them leave, is a great way to help facilitate positive change in the workplace. 

Training and Development for your employees

Training & Development

Were your employees trained upon hire - more importantly, were they trained properly? Do they understand what is expected of them? Have they signed a job description that truly depicts the duties and responsibilities of the position? 

If you answered no to any of those questions, you are likely setting your employees up for failure. 

Dreamwork HR Consulting can help with developing job descriptions, training programs and performance improvement plans for your employees.